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The most In-Depth Inspection Protection for Your Family’s Health and Investment

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  • Air Quality Testing for molds, allergens, and pollens. Three samples included, sent and examined at an accredited 3rd party Lab, with PDF report within 48 hours.
  • Radon Gas Test (a continuous 48-hour monitoring with digital hour by hour report)
  • Water Testing, Bacteria (or E.coli and coliform)
  • Basic Sprinkler test around the home (April through September)
  • Moisture Screening (Red flags identified and intrusion confirmed with a digital meter, backed up by Thermal Imaging).
  • Lead paint testing ( for homes older than 1978)
  • Schedule Your Inspection, Sign Inspection Agreement and Receive Detailed Reports all Online.
  • All Major Credit Cards accepted.
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  • Free Monthly Home Maintenance Tips (Prevention, Repairs, and Improvements)

Packages are made up of individual services. However, if purchased separately, they would be much more costly. When we bundle services, we can offer a much lower price ~ Saving You More Money!

We were coming up on the end of our builder’s warranty on a new home we had built last year. We wanted to make sure that any issues would be fixed while we still had the chance. John took the time to explain all his findings and then provided us with a report that we could use when we spoke with the builder. He found some things that more than paid for the cost of the inspection. It was a great experience working with John at Ocean Breezes Home Inspections and recommend them to anyone concerned with the well being of their home. ~ Dorothy Strawsburg

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