Benefits of Air Quality Testing

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The quality of indoor air matters a lot with factors such as mold accumulation and pest infestation posing health problems and even property damage. Building materials, pressed wood, and new furniture contain formaldehyde also increase health risks of contaminated indoor air With that said, there are some facts that you should know about the quality of indoor air.

– The quality of indoor air is poorer than that of outdoor air.

– Factors such as moisture content, insects, smoke, radon, pets, appliances, household products, and furnishing decrease the quality of indoor air.

– Other than minor problems, poor air quality can result in major health issues as well

– You can improve the quality of your indoor air either through proper ventilation, moisture control, cleaning, inspection, and ensuring you follow manufacturer’s instructions to the letter when using home appliances and products.

At Ocean Breezes Home Inspection, we are dedicated to providing our customers with full home inspection services. Among our many services is air quality testing. Before you move into a new house or building, it is important that you confirm the quality of the air to avoid complications brought by low-quality air.

When Should You Seek Air Quality Testing Services?

– Before moving into a new house, you need to have an air quality service done This helps confirm that the previous owner had not used any harmful chemicals during a renovation process.

– If you are experiencing any sensitivity such as asthma, allergies, or you are living with an elderly person or kids, you should have testing done.

– Signs of dampness or mold formation on the walls

– After fire or water damage restoration

– If you detect stuffy odor in the house coming from dust composition or potential allergen

– Newly built homes tend to have high VOC and hence recommended that you test for air quality before moving in.

Why You Need Air Quality Testing?

If you become suspicious that your indoor air quality is contaminated, you should consider having a professional home inspector clear the doubts. A thorough inspection from certified home inspector will help you achieve several benefits in your home or business or after performing air inspection. Among these are the following.

– Improving the Quality of the Air

After inspection, we provide you with a detailed report that includes possible sources of air contaminators in your premises. We also provide you with remedies of each one of the problems. If you are experiencing bad odors, our specialists will identify the sources and deal with it. By the time we are done, you home will have proper air circulation.

– Improving the Value of the Property

When a house has high mold accumulation and poor ventilation, it usually has a terrible stench that will put off clients. Those who might consider buying it will propose low offers as they claim they will use a lot in improving the air quality and renovation. You can change this by having an air-quality inspector come to your home, do a thorough inspection, and give your recommendations on how to improve the areas badly affected by molds.

– Improving Business Production

Carrying out an air quality testing in your business helps improve the morale of your employees. In return, they tend to become more productive as they enjoy working from the office. Clients will also enjoy the fresh air in your offices, which will improve the perception they have about your business and services.

– Detecting Dust and Droppings

Other than mold formation, other contaminators such as dust, dander, and droppings decrease the quality of indoor air triggering allergic reactions. If your family or employees are exposed to these factors, the risks of getting breathing issues are increased. However, you can change this by using our professional air quality testing services. Through our tester, we will be able to sniff and detect any biological pollutants. Sometimes, you can also have visual confirmations by sighting droppings and regularly used paths. In the case of pest infestation, we can recommend extermination services to help eliminate the risks.

When looking for an experienced, professional, and qualified air-quality testing home inspection in myrtle beach sc, Ocean Breezes Home Inspection, LLC., is the company you should rely on to help you in this kind of work. We are certified, experienced, and over the years, we have been offering quality services to our customers in Myrtle Beach SC and its surrounding areas. We offer thorough services and by the time we are done, we ensure your home is safe for you and your family. Contact us today and we will help you in identifying and solving any air problems you might be having.

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