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Have you ever wondered why it’s necessary to have an inspection? Are you wondering what sets our company apart from the others? Read on for some answers.

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Ocean Breezes Home Inspections, LLC, offers you trained and experienced home inspection professionals. Our Myrtle Beach Home Inspectors will spend 4 to 5 hours thoroughly evaluating all features of the home you are purchasing, from the roof to the foundation and all areas in between.  Furthermore, we provide the most advanced home inspection on the market.

Reasons Why You Need an Inspection

Never judge a book by its cover. This is true when it comes to purchasing or selling a home or commercial property.

If you’re selling your property, an inspection can bring any issues to your attention so you can repair them and market them more effectively. On the other hand, if you’re buying, an inspection can give you peace of mind that the property you’re looking to purchase is safe and in good condition.

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John went over and above the level of ordinary home inspections for us. He truly advocated for our concerns even though, like most inspectors, he was recommended by the seller’s agent. Not only that he is thorough and very knowledgeable, but most importantly, honest. The house we were considering had issues that he continued to monitor throughout the process of the seller attempting to remediate the issues. He advocated for us throughout the process. Home inspectors have an inherent conflict of interest. However, there are no such concerns with Ocean Breeze. – Review of Ocean Breezes Home Inspections By Melvin Morse

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If you want to have some of the most comprehensive understanding of a property you’re looking to buy or sell, Ocean Breezes Home Inspections is your right choice. We are dedicated to providing you with clear, concise, and detailed information of the property’s current condition covering any issues that need attention and highlighting the positive features we will find too.

Our licensed home inspectors will take time to thoroughly evaluate every nook and cranny of the home, from the roof to the foundation and all areas in between. A comprehensive inspection report with photos will be delivered within the 24-hour turnaround time of the home inspection process.

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