myrtle beach roof inspection professionalBuying a new home is one of the largest and arguably the most critical decisions in a person’s life. The experience can be crazy, and you need to play your cards right if you want to land the best deal and get value for your hard-earned money. Whether it is modest fixer-upper or a recently built real estate, you need a certified home inspection company to help you feel confident in your purchase. On the other hand, we help sellers to fix roof issues before they can put their property on the market.

Our Services

Some of the roof issues that our roof inspection company will address include:

  • Full interior inspection
Our roof inspectors will go up in the attic to check for ventilation, proper insulation and mold. Consequently, this will help you know whether you will be satisfied living in that home or not. A poorly ventilated and insulated roof is not only catastrophic to your health but uncomfortable to live in as well.
  • Full exterior inspection
Exterior roof inspection helps you to check wear and tear. Besides, we will advise you on the current state of the roof, including:
-Ice dams
-The situation of the chimney
-Proper flashing 
-Condition of roof shingles
Remember, roof damage is a costly repair that can harm your bank. Looking at the roof from the yard is not enough to detect the potential problems. Our inspectors will get on the roof to analyze the condition of the roof, and this will help you to negotiate with your seller.
  • Mold problems
Did you know that black mold takes very costly remediation measures to correct? Or worse, it can pose serious health problems to your family and your pets. For example, a recent research revealed that black mold could cause asthma, even death. So, why should you risk losing your loved ones while we are here to inspect your future home?


Why Choose Us

  • Our company is bonded and insured
Working with an uninsured roof inspection company may hold you liable in case of an injury during the inspection process. Remember, climbing in garrets and wandering through crawl spaces carries some risk, which requires any reputable inspection company to carry insurance. Sometimes the basement steps may be rotten and the inspector may fall and get injured, but you need not to worry about being sued.
  • Unbeatable affordability
We are aware that you don’t want to spend a lot on roof inspection, so it makes perfect sense to hire us. Our prices are among the best in the market, but still, you can rely on us to do the best inspection job.
  • Comprehensive home inspection report
We know that your needs are essential and unique, and we try to compile the most detailed report from the inspection process to help you with your purchase decision.


Final Verdict

At the end of the day, the home inspection company you choose will determine whether you will be satisfied with your “future home” or not. For instance, our inspectors will shed light on the things you are interested to know about the home you want to buy. Our experience and unbeatable skills will help you spot potential roof issues so that you can make an informed decision, one that you will live to remember for a long time. Give us a call and we will be happy to serve you. Customer satisfaction is our priority!


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