Ocean Breezes Home Inspections Is Helping The Myrtle Beach And Surrounding Area Homeowners With Hurricane Ian Damages!

Did You Or Your Family/Friends Sustain Damage To Your Home From Hurricane Ian?

The City of Myrtle Beach estimates that Hurricane Ian caused more than $2.7 million in damage across the city. The city estimates that private homes and businesses received about $1.7 million in damage, while city properties received about $1 million in damage.
Myrtle Beach Home Inspector - Hurricane Ian OffersWith all this damage and destruction, where do you and your home stand? Did you sustain damage? Water in your home? Recovery and cleanup from Ian will take time, and keeping your family and home safe during this time is important. Do you know what damages you have?

A whole house inspection and mold testing will start the process that you can use for your insurance company as well as knowing the extent of your home’s issues. With this knowledge, having an idea of the cost/cleanup will make the next step much easier.

Get Your Myrtle Beach, and Surrounding Area Hurricane Ian Damages Inspected Today! We have an offer for our neighbors and their neighbors, families, and friends. A combination Whole House Inspection plus 3+ Mold Samples with a $75-Discount. Knowing the damages and if there is mold is a must.

Call us at (410) 346-5333 or schedule online at https://www.oceanbreezeshi.com/schedule/. Use Promo Code #SCStrong for the $75-Discount.

If you have family and friends in the Myrtle Beach area who sustained Hurricane Ian’s damages and need to know more, please forward this information to them. We’ll help take care of them. Thank You.


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