Cost of Myrtle Beach Roof Inspection

myrtle beach roof inspection with a professionalThe roofing is the first part of a home to take a beating. It is subjected to horrid precipitation, harsh outdoor temperatures, and other environmental extremities. These are just part of the roof inspection checklist that every home inspectors should have. Fixing a damaged or leaking roof after every short time can cost you a fortune. Instead of waiting for a problem to occur and worsen, it is vital to do a roof inspection early enough even before purchasing a home. Alongside this, you also need to know the age of your roofing. A roof inspection enables you to determine the level of wear and tear and should be done annually. This is to help you understand the condition of your home and know when it needs a replacement or repair.

Our Average Myrtle Beach Roof Inspection Cost

The cost of roof inspection varies depending on the type and condition of your roof. You can view our roof inspection costs to get an idea
of what you’ll need to pay. Our quotes include average labor costs, cost of materials and equipment and all other project costs such as components, machinery and surface preparation. Our roof inspection packages also vary based on the number of times you want it to be done annually. If you want it done four times in a year, then it can cost you an average of $599. For those who want roof inspection done three times in a year, then our cost is $499 while those who need it twice can pay $399. For annual roof inspection, you will pay $299.

All our roof inspection packages include:

  • Seasonal gutter cleaning
  • Inspection of all rubber plumbing boots and replacement if needed
  • Checking of exposed nails and repair
  • Removal of debris
  • Attic mold and moisture inspection
  • Rooftop skylight cleaning
  • Checking of buckled roof decking
  • Hail and wind inspection
  • Inspection of animal damage and other penetration issues
  • Inspection of shingles for curling, flaking, tearing, splitting and blistering
  • Inspection of attic vents for flaking, cracking and metal rust and more

Why wait for a leak?

We can inspect, analyze and certify the condition of your roof in Myrtle Beach before you move in. We understand that even the slightest problem in your roofing can be a potential problem. We come up with a full report on the condition of your roof. We will also make recommendations about repairs and replacement. We do a thorough inspection and that our services vary depending on the type of roof. Metal roofs are inspected for rust. Wooden shingles will be checked for rot, blow offs, moisture damage and tear. Fiberglass will be examined for cracks. Our roof inspection costs are friendly and reasonable.

Our professional roof inspection Myrtle Beach service will help you to reveal any hidden problem in your roof. To come up with an accurate report of your roof, we provide Thermal Imaging pictures which are done in a non-invasive and precise manner. Our infrared roof inspection will help to detect thermal loss early. Depending on the condition of your home roofing, the entire inspection can take at least one hour if there are no potential problems. We guarantee the best pricing. Contact us today for a custom roof inspection quote.


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