The True Cost of a Myrtle Beach Structural Inspection

myrtle beach structural inspection costStructural inspection costs can be compared to the cost of repairs if there are structural problems with the integrity of a property. A house can look beautiful and meet your needs in terms of its size and location, but without a structural inspection, you only see part of the picture.

An inspection examines every aspect of the property and the value should be equated to the potential cost of fixing problems that may be discovered if no inspection was carried out in the first place.

Getting a structural inspection done with a detailed structural inspection checklist whether as a buyer or seller of a property isn’t an everyday event. It’s usually only needed for your protection or as proof of the quality of the building.

Calculating the true value of a structural inspection cost in Myrtle Beach

At Ocean Breezes Home Inspections, we will put together a fully-detailed report showing the areas of your home with defective structural elements (framing, foundation, etc.) as stipulated by federal regulations and standards. We do a full structural check, which is the best way to look for problems that could be detrimental to you or your family.

Few homes are flawless, and neglecting to get an inspection before buying or selling your property can result in protracted negotiations over problems that surface.

We offer a completely non-invasive structural inspection and the report we provide will show you the true value of the inspection.

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Safety vs Inspection Cost

You can’t really put a price on your safety or the hazards that a bad building structure can pose to your family. When we carry out a structural inspection, we don’t only look at the structure, but also at all attachments like the garage, deck, porch, or guest house.

When your safety is first, the cost of the inspection dims in comparison.

Cost of Repairs vs Inspection Cost

Some structural problems can cost thousands of dollars for a single repair. This can be avoided by taking the right decision to carry out an inspection before buying the property. If you buy a home that does not have any defects, then you would have lost a few hundred dollars. But if the inspection yields problems, then it could cost you thousands of dollars in repairs. Which cost would you prefer?

Inconvenience vs Inspection Costs

For many structural repairs, especially those that are situated in the core of your building, you will find that you and your family may not have access to certain areas of your home.
Sometimes, power and water may be cut off to ensure that work is carried out safely. Depending on the severity of the problem, you might find yourself temporarily in need of lodgings for your family. What will this temporary displacement cost you?
It could be less than the cost of a structural inspection, but you cannot put a value or price on the inconvenience and discomfort that you and your family will experience.
Myrtle Beach structural inspection costs are reasonable and will not break the bank. When compared to the average price of a structural home inspection, the cost of carrying out actual repairs makes inspection more attractive.

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